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Accredited in 'A++' grade with a score of 3.52 on a four point scale by NAAC in Cycle 2

Student Organisations

Constitutional Law Society

The Constitutional Law Society was established in 2004 by a few committed students, under the guidance of Prof.Dr. B. Errabi. The Constitutional Law Society, has, over the decade continued to contribute towards groundbreaking interdisciplinary scholarship in Comparative Constitutional Law and Constitutional Theory on campus. Earlier events have included the Basic Structure Debates, held in 2008 where Senior Counsel. Raju Ramachandran and prominent constitutional scholar SudhirKrishnaswamy engaged in scholarly debates with the students were. The CLS also organises the monthly Constitutional Law Debates, a series of debates wherein members of the faculty and students argue on contemporary questions of Constitutional Theory.

The Constitutional Law Society publishes the Indian Journal of Constitutional Law, one of India's most prominent Constitutional Law journals with publications from noted scholars across the world.

The CLS Facebook page can be accessed here.

Drama Club

Drama Club meetings are always interesting as each Drama Night sees a few members of the club declaiming their monologues based on a pre-decided theme. There are various drama exercises that are conducted such as ad-libbing as well as improvisation and dramatic readings. In 2012, the Drama Club put up a production titled "Turbulent Times" which was later showcased NALSAR’s official entry at the annual theatre festival hosted by NLSIU.

Gender and Sexuality Forum (GSF)

The GSF, as it functions today, was revived in 2009 and what started off as a small group of interested students, bloomed into a student organisation with significant campus influence. It has helped NALSAR become one of the most liberal, open campuses in India, where students and on-campus faculty members freely discuss issues across the spectrum of sexuality, and the modalities of gender constructs that pervade society. The GSF has, in the past, organised protests surrounding rights of the LGBTQ community, such as the 2010 protest against an eminent news network that sought to air footage that violated peoples’ privacy. This yielded an unconditional apology from the network as well as revoking of the footage. The GSF also actively hosts public discussions and panel discussions, the most recent being on the Suresh Kumar Koushal judgment by the Supreme Court. It also screens movies, the most recent being the Saudi Arabian film Wadjda, which add to the conversation surrounding issues of gender and sexuality.

While the forum takes its agenda seriously, it believes strongly that open thinking about our own identities can only happen in a fun-filled and inclusive environment; hence it has no organisational structure and is open to everyone on campus sparking off any discussion or activity that is of interest. In the past, this has included frank conversations about body image, heated discussions on what one should do about rape humour and ‘bring a friend’ meetings designed to discuss feminism and its vilification.

For vibrant discussions online, visit the GSF Facebook group.

International Law Society (NILS)

The NALSAR International Law Society was a student initiative that was founded four years ago, and has been registered with the International Law Students Association (ILSA) for the past year. The NILS organises movie screenings followed by discussions on recent international affairs, the most recent being a screening of Captain Phillips, post which a discussion on piracy took place. Further, essay competitions to increase interest in international law issues, as well as talks and discussions by international legal scholars on different dimensions of international law, such as on International Criminal Law, by practitioners at the ICTY, are also conducted by NILS.

The NILS Facebook page can be accessed here.

Music Appreciation Club

The idea behind the music appreciation club is to collectively expand our individual music taste by sharing music with each other. What we do when we meet is listen to a playlist of a certain genre and then engage in discussion on the theoretical, historical, social context of the music or simple reflection on how we think it sounds. The NALSAR student body has proved to be an invaluable reservoir of eclectic musical interests.

The music appreciation club is most exciting on Facebook, where it has become a site for student interaction with alumni, as well as a site of musical experimentation.

Photo Booth NALSAR (PBN)

PBN, a memory repository (and source of Facebook profile pictures for most NALSAR students) is an image archive of life as lived in NALSAR. Run by a group of dedicated photographers, and friends who sometimes chip in, PBN has found a fond (and firm) place in the NALSAR vocabulary.

PBN operates only on Facebook, and can be accessed here.

Tech Law Forum (TLF)

The NALSAR Tech Law Forum was founded in 2007 and was recently resurrected in light of the rapidly changing nature of technology around us, and the pervasiveness of the same. We find ourselves constantly using technology and the TLF seeks to explore the ramifications of this, as well as the politics of being constantly connected, and whether or not it is possible or desirable to disconnect. Further, the TLF seeks to understand the merging of different disciplines so as to understand the effect that technology has on us in this era of digital natives, and how the law can or cannot serve as a regulatory mechanism for the same. The TLF has held various meetings on campus, to discuss these issues and has various activities planned for the remainder of the semester. It also screens movies on contemporary issues like TPB AFK, a film on the founders of PirateBay and the criminal action taken against them in light of piracy concerns.

For constant updates and cutting-edge discussions with alumni and present students, visit the TLF Facebook group.