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Human Rights and Courts

Dr. Colin Gonsalves, a Senior Advocate practicing at the Supreme Court is also the founder director of Human Rights Law Network (HRLN). Since the establishment of Human Rights Law Network in 1989, under Dr. Gonsalves the organisation has grown from its humble roots in Mumbai into India’s leading public interest law group with over 200 lawyers and paralegals working for the group.Dr. Gonsalves is an active litigator in the Supreme Court, and he was instrumental in the development of the Indian People’s Tribunal, an organisation that has published reports on various issues such as slum relocation. These reports were often the basis for many PILs filed on this issue.

About the Talk: On the occasion of 68thRepublic Day, Nyaya Forum for Courtroom Lawyering at NALSAR University of Law hosted Dr. Colin Gonsalves, an eminent Senior Advocate practicing at the Supreme Court and Founder-Director of Human Rights Law Network. He delivered a talk on “Human Rights and Courts” to a gathering of roughly 150 students and faculty members at the packed MK Nambyar SAARCLaw Centre. The Vice Chancellor, Prof. (Dr.) Faizan Mustafa was in attendance as well.

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Nyaya Forum
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Mr.Sidharth Chouhan
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