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Accredited in 'A+' grade with a score 3.60 on a four point scale by NAAC

Amita Dhanda

I started my professional career in 1984 as a researcher at the Indian Law Institute, New Delhi. Due to these research capabilities, Justice Bhagwati the then Chief Justice of India selected me to clerk for him till 1986. My stint at the Supreme Court happened when the institution of research clerks was viewed with scepticism and suspicion and hence making a space for the position was an uphill task. Even so the learnings on judicial culture and psychology are irreplaceable. After my return from the Court in 1987, I worked at the Indian Law Institute till 1999, where I had the hands on opportunity to learn to research, write, edit and teach in association with renowned scholars. The Supreme Court Commission to investigate the condition of persons with mental illness in the jails of West Bengal; chairing the Committee to suggest amendments to the Disability Act of 1995; and co-editing a festschrift in honour of Prof Lotika Sarkar were heart-warming work assignments; and negotiating employee entitlements as President of the Employee Welfare Association brought home to me the difference between the rhetoric and reality of law.

In 1999 I joined NALSAR as its first full time professor. Since I had pre-dominant experience in research I had the enthusiasm of a fresh recruit towards my teaching, which coupled with the authority of seniority, allowed experimentation. My enthusiasm was re-doubled by the fact that as a single discipline university we had easier protocols for floating courses, amending curriculums and experimenting with evaluation. I have taught like a researcher and my courses do not impart existing information but dwell on questions that need further investigation. Since our students stay with us over extended periods of time, I have enjoyed the opportunity to build learning together relationships with them.

I am also defined by my feminist pride in my traditional build; my sweet tooth, which keeps me traditionally built; and my work obsessions, which trump my fitness travails and cause me to miss the movies I should see but watch the soaps I should miss.

BA (Hons)( English), LL.B, LL.M, Ph.D (University of Delhi)

Research fields: Legal Theory; Human Rights; Disability Law and Gender Studies. I am at present examining the role of legal theory in legal education and how positivist legal understanding has robbed critical inquiry of its place in legal education. It is my contention that this situation needs to change and this could be done by altering the manner in which legal theory courses are designed and taught. In human rights, I am concentrating on socio-economic rights and how knowledge based interventions can assist in the enforcement of these rights. In disability law, I am working on the changes that would need to be made to bring disability legislations in conformity with the CRPD. I am especially examining the principles informing the new paradigm of universal legal capacity and the strategies to realize it. In gender studies, I am looking at the less egregious forms of sexual harassment such as coloured remarks; innuendoes; jokes etc to contend that zero tolerance on these infractions is necessary if serious forms of sexual harassment are to be weeded out.

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Taught Courses in Administrative law, Comparative Disability Jurisprudence, Judicial Process, Jurisprudence, Justice Education and Pedagogy; Law and Poverty, Interpretation of Statutes, Law and Literature, Law and Psychology, Legal Methods, Pluralizing Inclusion: Equality and Non Discrimination in a Globalizing World, Pyramid and the Web: Questions of Power and Responsibility,Rights and Duties: And the Challenges of Enforcement. Currently Teaching: Applied Jurisprudence and Universalizing Legal Capacity. Propose to offer courses in Legal Methods, Land Rights and Law