NALSAR LAW LIBRARY is the hub of all library activities established to accomplish the research and academic objectives of the University. It is located as an independent building in the heart of campus giving access to its rich collection of primary and secondary Legal resources to all the users in the campus.

For users help the web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is accessible from any terminal in and out of the campus. It is designed to provide online information on availability of titles, allow the patrons to request for items that are on loan, renewal of books, access to patron accounts and other information services.

Apart from Web Catalogue, information services such as, Selective Dissemination of Information, Table of Contents Page of books and journals, List of New Accessions, Online chat with the Library staff for Reference Services are also being provided.

Unlike the traditional OPAC's which stimulate serendipity, each record is designed to provide extensive bibliographic information with hot links to table of contents pages, reviews, publishers' notes, and peer driven reviews and ratings.

All the house keeping activities are automated. It has the distinction of being the first law school library to have automated its entire house keeping operations.

The Library is also a depository of UN collections. A separate section houses all the proceedings of significant organs of the United Nations. The print collection is augmented by online access.


Critical Legal Conference: NALSAR has hosted International conference on Law of the law in the age of Empire in association with Central Institute for English and Foreign Languages...

Books 20,500
Encyclopedias 443
Dictionaries 103


Back volumes of periodicals &
Current Journals and Magazines 80